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First Impression is the last impression.Do not Miss it.

A website is a platform that acts as a 24/7 customer representative for your business and we believe your website design should be as attractive &friendly as customer support should be. More than 60% of visitors judge your business based on their first visit to your website, which means you are probably going to lose 60% of your visitors if your website is not responsive, dynamic and user-friendly.
Our Web design and development experts at digital Terai take extra care of User Unterface(UI) &User Experience(UX) while designing a website for your business.

User Experience(UX) is What matters

No matter how good your business is but if your website is not friendly to your visitors and doesn’t reflect good user experience, you are going to lose most of your customers. User experience is the most important thing that matters while designing a website. Since you are developing your website for your users and not for yourself, you need to take extra care of your user interface like your website structure, navigation placement, color, CTA, design &all. At the end of the day, it’s user that matters.

Web design and Development that reflects your business &brand

Each website at Digital Terai goes through our custom creative design and development process to make sure that your website is unique and perfect to your target audience. Having a website that reflects your brand and image will convert visitors into engaged customers.
Digital Terai specializes in professional web design and development solutions that focus on your business objectives and marketing goals. Our team of expert web designers, developers &project managers makes use of the latest trends and technology to create a stunning web design for your business.
We work with full dedication for your “wow” expression after project delivery. From your brand color to selecting appropriate fonts to decide website architecture, Digital Terai works by understanding your goals and provide solutions to match your business needs. Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, we are proud to deliver an in-house team of web designers &developers full of energy, passion, skill &experience.
It is now time that you work with a web design company in Nepal that’s experienced in delivering results.

Our Expertise
Custom Web Development:
Either you need a custom functionality for your website now or in the future, using a scalable & flexible web design and development platform will set your site up for smooth operation for years. Our web design and development experts at Digital Terai focus on developing custom features that give you superiority over your competitors in the market and also making it easier for you to manage. We understand each business is different from another and therefore we plan our execution specifically according to the business requirements &industry niche.

Responsive Web design:

Did you know your website visitors are increasingly viewing your website on various platforms including Desktops, Mobile device, Tablets, etc ? This obviously makes sense that you will definitely want to make sure that your website looks stunning when being viewed on either of those devices, be it on desktop, smart Tv, of any size, tablets or Laptops & smart phones of any size. A study by Google concluded on the trend of “multi-screen sales” and responsive web design for your business in 2019.

E-commerce web design:

Having a fully functional & robust eCommerce website design and development is the pillar of your online business, and our expert web development team at Digital Terai understands the importance of making utilization of the latest & trendy technology for a responsive &customizable design. We will discuss the custom needs for your business and tailor the best possible solution that matches your e-commerce goals. Work with us to design and develop stunning websites that yield results.

Corporate Web Design:

Whether you are a small business owner who sells directly to the consumer or an already established corporate who distributes products or services on a wholesale level, Digital Terai has an in-house creative team to design &develop corporate websites with your desired features & functionalities that can take your business to the next level. And not to mention, we implement the latest technology and strategy during our web development process for effective results. We develop websites that convert well.
Industries We are Expert At

Travel Website Design

Our top-notch Travel website designs are so attractive, lively and user-friendly that they feel like experiencing your travel/places through the website itself. This is what we are expert at. We identify your business &targeted users and apply our cutting edge web design strategy accordingly. The travel industry is quite lucrative and magnetic and you as a business owner should never compromise with their website design and development because it can directly affect your overall business growth.

Hotel &Hospitality Website Design:

Our web design and development experts at Digital Terai have a special approach for Hotel/Hospitality web design. Your website should reflect the image of your business when it comes to Hotel &Hospitality web design. We use the combination of color, texts, animations, images &video while designing an awesome website for your business so that a user would not have to think twice before booking.

E-commerce Website Design and Development

When E-commerce website design, everything should be perfect from your website architecture to the dashboard to product listing so that a user can find your products easily. It is recommended to have a proper product management system design for e-commerce for a long run and we understand it. We at Digital Terai design and develop your e-commerce website in such a way that you would not need a technical person to make product updates. That means, once we hand over the website to you, you will be ready to excel your business soon on your own.

Healthcare Website Design (Doctors, Hospitals &clinics)

Prior to the old techniques, the way a patient &community interact with your Hospitals, clinics or organization is evolving. To connect with them effectively, your business needs a website that focuses on the latest design trends and turns your business into a brand on the web. In addition to a great design &attractive architecture, your website needs a good functionality and fast load times.

Web Design for Consultants

A website can be a great marketing &business development tool for your consultancy if designed properly. From increasing brand visibility to lead generation, the website designed at Digital Terai can act as the central hub for all your marketing efforts, trust-building &even manpower recruiting.

Education Website Design (schools, colleges, training, institutions)

You know how essential a website can be for your institute. It is an essential tool for faculty, staff, students, and donors, in addition to being key to recruiting the best prospective students. A good website can increase the transparency &communication among teachers, students &parents when it comes to schools &colleges. We at Digital Terai take special care on UI/UX &functionality while designing website for your institutions.

Our Web Design & Development Methodology

1 Discovey
2 Strategy
3 Wireframe
4 Design
5 Desktop
6 Mobile
7 Development
8 UI/UX Review
9 User Testing

10 Launch

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