What Makes A Good Business Logo?

What Makes A Good Business Logo?

by DigitalTerai | Mar 14, 2019 | Graphic design blog |

A brand without a logo is hard to recognize. Without an identity, no business can ever grow forward. So, what makes these things so important? Why having a business logo is so important? In this article, we will discuss the various Logo design tips to make a good business logo and stand your brand out of the crowd.

We have been seeing logos of different organisations from our childhood. Be it of our school or clothes that we wear, shoes, cosmetics and many more. Even when we go for shopping, our first attention goes towards logos on the product; we first check which brand’s product it is. Even you will do the same, won’t you? Have you ever wonder why we do so?

It’s simple to understand that a logo represents trust for the product that we are going to buy. It is like security for product and we find it genuine among them all through its logo. In other words, we pay for a logo rather than a product, don’t we?

However, making logos is not a big deal but wisdom. A good Business logo must represent your whole aim of business in one art. The logo should be attractive so that it could be able to create a standard of your product in the customer’s eye. For example, logos of Adidas, Fashion, Lakme, Sonata, KFC, Foodmandu, etc are not famous because of their design but for its meaningfulness &attractiveness.

The logo is a visual representation that describes the company standard to the viewer. It’s not unfair to say that logos are the backbone of your business growth. However, besides putting whole efforts on creating a good logo for a business, one is not being able to grow their standard/brands. What could be the reason?

Although you have your own ideas, creativity, and knowledge for logos and it is not necessary to copy all the given tactics to create a good logo but below points are the most popular base applied for business logo development.

Logo Design Tips

• Make it Memorable

To be recognized, things should be caged in our memory. Also to be in memory things should be different and awesome at the same time. Combining both, we can say that the logo needs to be so creative that gets a strike in the human mind and become recognizable for brand growth and increasing sales.

Note that if you fail to be remembered from your target oriented customers then you are missing your sales increment. Additionally, if the logo contains name and symbols with attractive fonts then it is more recognized. We can say that a logo gives you the chance to reach your targeted customers and grow your business at the full speed.

• Versatile

What if the comparison of logos is done with heroines of the film industry? Confusing, right? It is because the heroine of the film looks beautiful and stunning at any look though they are playing the role of a worse character. Similarly, the logo should be impactful as a heroine of cinema, though it is in colorless firms. Or it can be said that the logo of a company must have a versatile personality to succeed in putting the high impact in the viewer’s eyes.

• Purposeful

A thing without purpose is worthless when it comes to the business. While creating a logo, that aim should be revealed in your small art.The logo of a product must carry high information that could convince viewers to trust you and become your client.

• Make it Simple

It’s not important how technically your logo is designed for business delivery since people usually go through things that are simple for them to understand. So if you really want to make your product famous and do marketing through logo then make sure your logo is simple &understandable for viewers. This plays a vital role to grow your business in the market.

• Use color wisely

Colors are always things of attractions. Not only humans but animals, insects also get attracted to a different color. Similarly, sometimes with lack of information colors may prove themselves harmful for us. When we talk about business usually every idea has chosen its own color.

For example, KFC has chosen mixed green, Adidas has chosen a black and white color, Puma chooses black one, Facebook chooses blue and white, etc. The main motive of selecting a color for the business logo should be customer attraction. So it is the most required thing of choosing an appropriate color that suits the business theme rather than making it color junk.

• Long Term

When someone stands up with business motion then their first thought will be the sustainability of the business. Everyone wants long term demand for their product in the market even after their end. The logo should be created by companies keeping in mind that it should last long and remain a favorite among the public. Use of different color and fonts look messy rather than attractive. To avoid these things, make the logo simple and target-oriented for leads.

Final Thoughts:

A logo is the foundation of business where the stability and growth of the business are determined by it. Having a logo is not enough to make the product, a brand but should be professional and reveal smartness. The goal of creating a logo is connected with emotions. Logos should be based on business ideas. Spending time and money into inappropriate things is just like throwing it into the trash. A company logo should be simple and unique at the same time. It should be full of creativity that shares information about the product to the targeted audience. It should be versatile even in its colorless version.

Before selling a product, you have to sell your words to the public. Your logo should be designed in a way that shares information with the public.

Concluding all, the logo is proving to be the pillar of the business house which must be strong and capable of handling issues. So, these were the top logo design tips to make a good business logo and stand out of the crowd. Hope this article helps you know what logos are meant to be for business. Leave your comment if you have any queries.
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