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Facebook Marketing Services have become a new channel for the development of your brand’s voice and content. As per your business requirement, a properly defined Facebook Campaign helps you reach a potential audience and gain more leads. According to the Internet World Stats, an international website on internet usage data, it shows there were 2.072 billion Facebook users in Nepal. It’s one of the great platforms where you can grow your business by content to your client then rank your brand at the top. Facebook Marketing has become a powerful marketing tool for any kind of business and has gotten more challenging now than it was in the early days. Facebook Marketing has to be unique, and it can reach the ocean of potential customers on Facebook. Make your business more attractive, enhanced, and engaged with professional Facebook Marketing Services offered by DigitalTerai.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Strategy Development With Digital Terai
Facebook Strategy Development
Facebook Strategy depends on your brand, product and whom you are pitching. We build a Facebook strategy plan to help you accomplish your goals being focused on the audience’s engagement, interaction, and increasing the ROI, instead of simply broadcasting your message.
Facebook Posts With Digital Terai
Facebook Posts
On the basis of strategy, a content calendar is created to schedule the different types of posts to attract and engage the targeted audience on Facebook. We create unique content with relevant visually appealing graphics that reflect your brand. You will be provided the content calendar for approval before we post it on the public.
Facebook Creatives In Nepal
Facebook Creatives
The first 3 seconds is what it takes to catch an audience’s attention. This is the reason using effective creatives and visuals has become a powerful strategy to initiate your communications, drive engagement and spice up your social media. Facebook creatives help to boost how much your audience ingests and remembers.
Facebook Boosting In Nepal
Facebook Boosting
As your post is being updated with new and relevant content, you'll want them to boost to engage potential customers and drive them to your site. We boost your Facebook post on the basis of the targeted audience and the posts with constant engagement that has a high affinity of response.
Facebook Management In Nepal
Facebook Management
Facebook Management service includes daily monitoring of your brand posting. We do not only create the post but also routinely check the response of the customers and followers. Our Facebook management strategy includes audience engagement and advertisement campaign creation to look-out for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.
Facebook Reporting Nepal
Facebook Reporting
We used reporting tools to analyze your campaign’s reach and results and learn more about your audience and product sales. With this data, our facebook management specialists make you more informed about the decision while building your campaigns to improve your results. Use of reporting tools track reactions, likes, comments, shares, paid and organic reach, page likes, and many more.


What is Facebook Marketing?

Promoting your business products and services via Facebook is called Facebook Marketing. Using Facebook Marketing, you can share relevant and valuable content and attract your potential customers towards your business, build business credibility, and sell your product or services with hyper-targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

Does my business need Facebook marketing?

In this digital era, your business will fade away from the limelight if you don't invest in Facebook Marketing. Using Facebook marketing you can connect with your target audience; understand their exact needs and preferences and improvise your business products or services to receive exponential business growth.

What should I post on my Facebook Page?

You should play by the rule of 80/20. 80% of your post should provide informational content and only 20% of your content should be sales-related. You can use your social media post to raise brand awareness, create engagement, and build a proper fan base with proper business credibility.

What kind of campaigns/Ads should I run on Facebook?

You must implement sales funnel in your ad campaigns. The first few ads should raise brand awareness, tell people about your products and services. In the second phase, you must induce interest among people by offering exciting deals and discounts. If you still don't see any conversion, you further push your ads to help your customer make buying decisions. You can use the 'FOMO effect' or limitation of time and availability to drive sales.

Which is the best Facebook marketing company in Nepal?

As one of the best Facebook marketing company in Nepal, Digital Terai helps to make your business more attractive, enhanced, and engaged with our audience targeted and conversion oriented Facebook advertising services to our clients to meet their marketing goals

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