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Increase online order through Ecommerce SEO

How often have you considered SEO for the growth of your online Store? If you're ignoring SEO, then it's really impossible for your business to thrive in this competitive. The more your site is optimized, more visible it will be, increasing your traffic, conversions and revenue. To achieve good results, there are several factors in E-Commerce such as social networks, word of mouth recommendations, etc. All those factors are required but to have a viable presence on the internet, SEO plays an important role in it. When you're visible on search results, more customers get to know about your business, which increases the chance of online orders, thus increasing the sales rate. At the same time, you can stand out in the crowd competing with your competitors. Once you are able to rank your website, then there’s a guarantee in consistency sales for the long term. Whether your business is small or big, startup or have been for a long time, you need SEO to maximize your E-Commerce website's visibility and profitability.

Increase online order through Ecommerce SEO with Digital Terai
 Why choose Digital Terai for E-Commerce SEO Services?

Why choose Digital Terai for E-Commerce SEO Services?

Success of any Ecommerce store is highly dependent on how easily the searchers are able to find your brand and products. SEO helps online businesses to drive more quality visitors to a website by optimizing them for search engines. Digital Terai is an expert Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal that fully understands and implements the various tactics and strategies of search engine placement. We provide top notch E-Commerce SEO services to help you maximize your business ROI and growth. Our SEO professionals are highly dedicated and create effective strategies to optimize each of the product pages and brand pages making it easier for the searcher to find your store on the search engines.This increases chances of getting higher number traffic and customers for the products that you are selling.

Why E-Commerce SEO for Businesses?

Increases online visibility

E-Commerce SEO help on ranking your site on the first page of the search result instead of appearing on the second page. Ranking on the first page means increasing the online visibility on search engines which makes it easier for the customers to find you in search engines.

Connects with the target Customers

Without SEO your business will not exist online so, your target customers never know about your business. Optimizing the website using those keywords which searchers used to search the product increases the chances to connect your business with target customers.

Optimizes product and services

E-Commerce SEO helps to optimize each of your products. When you optimize the products it will make it easy for the target audience to find the product you sell whenever they search online.

Provides long-term ROI

SEO creates more traffic & traffic create more conversion rate. SEO helps to put your product in front of target customers that provide a better user experience which results in a higher conversion rate.

Our Working Process:

Business Analysis icon
Business Analysis
The first step is to get to know about the product and services you provide and perform a website audit to analyze your site's current status, identify your strengths and weaknesses to create a better SEO strategy for your business.
Audience & Keyword icon
Audience & Keyword Research
Once we develop strategies, we begin with the audience and keyword research. We conduct research covering your target audience & keywords that customers use to find the product on the web.
Competitor's analysis Icon
Competitor's analysis
Once we have done with the target keyword research, we analyze your direct business competitors, the keyword for which they are ranking, and their strategies. And based on those we create strategies to exceed the competitors.
On-page SEO Icon
On-page SEO
We optimize your E-Commerce website with the various aspects of the On-page SEO like meta setup, URL structure, website architecture, optimized structure, technical SEO, etc based on our keyword research.
Link Building Icon
Content creation
We create meaningful and relevant content for your product or services. Providing valuable content to your target audience helps in establishing brand loyalty in the eyes of your target customer which maximizes the great sale.
Link Building Icon
Link Building
We use the best white hat link building strategies to build trust and credibility links for our clients' websites. For link building purposes, we take care of quality and relevance so it enables a website to stand out of the crowd.
Reporting Icon
Once a month, we update our client with a monthly report to show the progression in ranking and other factors so that necessary improvisation can be implemented as per the need to make strategies more effective.


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