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Whether you are just a start-up or have been in the hotel industry for some time, it is really important for your potential customers to find your hotel with ease. And now with the increasing trend of travelers to explore the search engines for finding a hotel, it has become more important to emphasize the hotel website's SEO. With Search engine optimization, you can improve your hotel business ranking for relevant keywords associated with hotel reservations and vacations. The higher your business appears in the search engine’s results, the more you will have the chance to get seen, picked and clicked by your potential customers.

Hotel SEO in Digital Terai
 Why Choose Digital Terai

Why Choose Digital Terai?

Digital Terai offers Hotel SEO services that help the hotel business to achieve high rankings in search results and help in generating maximum traffic. Our team of experienced and skilled Hotel SEO experts make sure to stay up to date with the latest development in search engine algorithms and technology. With our hotel SEO services, we ensure that your business comes in the relevant results when a potential customer searches with relevant keywords. Also, we constantly make sure to keep our client updated on what we are doing and why, so the benefits of that knowledge continues to help the businesses we work with.

Benefits of Hotel SEO

Increase Traffic

An effective SEO helps to rank the site in the top search results thus improving the number of visitors on the website. Higher a site ranks, the better chance it has of attracting relevant traffic.

Brand Awareness

Hotel SEO can help the related brand to gain more exposure, as more people can discover their site through high SERPs, which improves the chances of them returning to the site and becoming repeat customers.

Establish Credibility

Increment in brand awareness also increases credibility. As people become more familiar with the brand, they trust it more hence increasing the chance of them becoming loyal customers.


With Hotel SEO marketing, the incoming traffic can be turned into leads and the leads can be turned into guests.

Our Hotel SEO Marketing Process

website audit icon
Website Audit
Before we begin SEO services, we perform a comprehensive site audit on your website to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. This audit guides us on how to construct a custom SEO strategy for your hotel to get the optimal results.
keyword research icon
Keyword Research
Performing keyword research is essential for creating a successful hotel SEO campaign. With the careful evaluation of the keywords based on your target audience and competitor, we help you adjust your hotel marketing strategy, optimize the keywords and organically rank your hotel above your competitors.
On-page optimization Icon
On-page Optimization
After the establishment of your hotel marketing strategy, we work on on-page optimization. At first, we improve the site's structure to make it easy for Google to crawl and index the site content, then we improve your content with targeted keywords while maintaining readability for human beings.
Competitor Monitoring Icon
Competitor Monitoring
We monitor and analyze your competitor based on the content they are creating, links they're earning and where they're ranking. With all this information, we create our own SEO tactics to keep your website strong and dominate the SERP.
Link Building Icon
Link Building
When it comes to organic search ranking, having an inbound link is equivalent to a vote of authorization. However, only having a vote to your site won’t help, quality of vote is what matters most. Our link building strategy involves building high quality and relevant backlinks to your website to put you ahead of the competition.
Detailed Reporting Icon
Detailed Reporting
Understanding and keeping the track of the SEO process is key to improve SEO performance. We provide a detailed report that shows progression in ranking and other factors so that you can review these results and discuss any changes to improve your strategic approach.


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