Tips On How To Increase Followers In Tiktok

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Tips On How To Increase Followers In Tiktok
by DigitalTerai | June 30, 2021 | Blog |

how to increse followers in tiktok

If a few years back, someone told you that you can choose your content as per your preference without having to wait for countless ads, then you’d probably be mocked.

Thanks to technology. Now getting your daily dose of entertainment is at the tap of your fingers. Not only that, you can choose to be a creator on your own to entertain others.

how to increse followers in tiktok

All hail,’’ TIKTOK’’!! Tiktok is an app that is spread across the world like wildfire. This short form, video sharing platform has given rise to fame to many individuals to get more followers.

This guide contains tips on how to increase followers in Tiktok and by the end of this guide, you’re all set to be an influencer in TikTok.

But first, let’s know what sets Tiktok apart from the rest of the other social media apps.

Why is Tiktok so popular?

But what’s so special about this app? Why are people addicted to this app?

Well, some of the reasons as to why this app is dominating across the world are:

why tiktok is so popular ?

  1. Easy content creation and sharing

One of the key aspects of the growing number of this app is its easy content creation format. Unlike other forms of media, it doesn’t require much heavy lifting with camera quality and production value.

With just one click from your smartphone, users can create content and post it instantly. The short format of the video makes it extremely compatible for viewers to grab their attention. The video starts playing as soon as the users open the app and makes it addicting.

  1. Access and wide reach

You can have wide exposure with this app. The number of active users across the app is reported to be around 689 million. With the number of users skyrocketing, this platform makes it easy for people to express their opinions, talent, and content across a large number of people.

Location barriers won’t stop your content from getting massive likes and views if your content resonates with others.

  1. Instant door to fame

One of the huge perks of this platform is that it gives easy access to popularity. Whether you’re someone with credibility in the professional field, or talented in certain skills, or aiming to make it big in the entertainment industry, this medium is all set to open doors for countless possibilities.

One viral video and you’re all set to gain huge followers on this app. Many people have gained overnight success and increased their following rapidly due to the Tiktok app.

  1. Platform for everyone

A unique feature of this app apart from having a large number of followers is that this provides a platform for everyone. There is a place for everyone. So, if you happen to be a small business just starting, this can be your moment.

You can sponsor different TikTok influencers, set a new challenge or trend, or use UGC(User Generated Content) to promote your business.

How To Increase Followers in Tiktok?

With the growth of this app, more people are intrigued about growing TikTok fans and this has set a kind of competition as to how to get followers on Tiktok fast.

The key to increase followers on TikTok depends on the balance of many matters and requires a lot of patience and dedication. People really seem to consider Tiktok as a shortcut to success. However, that is not the case.

These hacks will help you grow your Tiktok following rapidly:

  1. Identify your target audience

It’s very important to classify your intended audience from the pool of users and target them. While it might seem like a good idea to aim for every possible user in the app, the reality is that you cannot cater to the needs and interests of every possible user.

While aiming for growing fans rapidly, do consider developing a connection with viewers by educating or entertaining your target audience.

This can be a great opportunity for business to increase their exposure by presenting your products or services in the right aesthetic and with their benefits to attract more users

  1. Hop on the trend

The trend is everything when it comes to this platform. If you’re late to catch up, then it might be a huge loss to garner the attention that you’ve been craving. Trends are a great way to create engagement.

Whether it’s a dance or funny real incidence meme, trends keep your viewers attached and help you increase followers on tiktok. It’s always a good idea to create your trend or give a little twist to the current trend.

Haven’t we already seen the power of trend? The savage trend created by a TikTok creator eventually made its way to her being featured in the very video of the song in animated form.

So don’t shy away from experimenting.

  1. Use the appropriate hashtag in your caption

Hashtags are killer when it comes to this app as they help your content in being discovered. #fyp and #ForYoum are the mandatory hashtags that you can’t miss on.

These hashtags imply the For You page. Unlike other forms of social media, the TikTok algorithm works by curating a For You page which is a neverending stream of personalized content.

The For you page recommends content based on user interaction with the previous videos and viral content.

If you are a business, then try using a combination of brand hashtags, trending hashtags, and business-specific hashtags. The larger, general hashtags can be saturated. So, try using unique and niche-specific hashtags.

  1. Publish your content at the right time to get more followers in TikTok

While there isn’t an exact right time for publishing, Tiktok is known for having users active at night time or based on your target audience. So publishing videos across such time can leverage your following.

You can try using a Tiktok pro account which allows you to have a look into your analytics and help you discover the active timings of your potential followers.

  1. Cross-promote your content on other social media platform

The dominance of this app can be speculated with the presence of its content on other social media platforms. Instagram and youtube lately are filled with Tiktok content. So, you can assume their popularity.

Share your content across other popular social media and this will help in attracting potential Tiktok fans.

If you happen to be a business, then you know social media marketing is crucial for a business to prosper. That’s why cross-promoting your content across various social media platforms will get you more visibility and help your audience notice your online presence.

How To Get Free Followers On Tiktok

So, all of the people looking for that shortcut to success, How to get free followers on Tiktok fast? What is the secret recipe for fame?

The answer to this is all about consistency. YUP!! Hard work, dedication, and patience, something that we all run out of at a certain point in time. But the secret to massive growth in Tiktok is a combination of all these factors.

So, don’t be disappointed. Few Tiktok growth tools might help you in getting potential free fans on Tiktok. So, give them a try and see the results for yourself:

  1. Social Buddy

Just like the name, it promises to provide you with buddies for your Tiktoks through targeting basis on industry or niches, relevant hashtags, complementary accounts, and competitors to find your target audience.

The best part about this app is it lets you get noticed by authentic users.

  1. Social-Viral

For those of you looking to boost your following, this site might be of some help. It’s always a good idea to earn your fans on your own, but if the race to fame feels like a never-ending competition.

Then, you might wanna give a shot at this one. This platform promises to buy genuine followers at a low rate. You can buy likes and views with it and can increase your chances of going viral.

  1. FeedPixel

Recognized as a social media management platform, this platform is similar to the earlier one. It lets you buy and hence increase followers for Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and many more at a reasonable price and promises to increase your visibility.

Wrapping up

So whether you’re trying to sharpen those moves for Renegade or sharing your embarrassing stories with "waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things" audio or narrating a story of bravery and political issues with "stand out", go all in.

Remember to have fun with whatever you do and to be truly yourself. After all, authenticity wins, right? Also, a healthy reminder that your fans or followers count on the Tiktok account doesn’t determine your worth. So don’t pressurize yourself and embrace gradual growth.

Follow these tips on how to increase followers on Tiktok, you’re on the path to unbeatable success.


Is it to get more followers on Tiktok?

Gaining more followers on Tiktok is about remaining consistent. If you continue to put out the content while remaining consistent and patience, you’re bound to have a more following base on your Tiktok.

What is the best time to post on Tiktok?

While the peak time of Tiktok is considered to be at night, this might vary as per the target audience. You can use a Tiktok pro account to access the analytics and figure out what works best for you. So, try establishing a connection with your viewers and publish your content accordingly.

Is posting too much on Tiktok is bad?

There isn’t any barrier as to how much content should be published. However, if you aim to grow your follower base and want to blow up in this app, then try remaining consistent while not going overboard with it. Don’t let others’ opinions affect you from having fun with it.

How much does Digital marketing cost?

Well, the cost of an effective Digital marketing depends upon various factors. Some of the important costing factors include: Target Audience, digital channels, geographical location and more.

How many followers do you need to live on TikTok?

You are required to have at least 1000 followers to go live on Tiktok. In rare cases, certain accounts are restricted from having live stream features as a result of failing to meet requirements. Once you meet the criteria, you’re all set to go live at any time which will lead to getting more followers in Tiktok.