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Our SEO services in Nepal are based around building a brand. A search engine isn’t just going to rank your website, you need to persuade it to do so. Gone are those days when search engines were not much powerful and people used to rank their websites easily by manipulating the search engines’ guidelines. But, now if you try to take shortcuts, you are going to get penalized and it won’t lead to good results in the long term.It is, therefore, we recommend only White Hat SEO strategy for our clients.
Bring Traffic & Leads With Digital Terai
Digital Terai’s Mission

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The digital wave has transformed the Nepalese society unexpectedly. More than 80% of Nepalese who use smartphones are familiar with search engines. We have a mission to help local businesses convert into online Brands by connecting the relevant users with your products or services whenever they look for it online. Our SEO service helps you generate the highest number of sales & leads for every rupee spent. Our SEO process focuses on understanding your digital marketing goals and proposing effective SEO strategies.Work with us to grow your business online & take a step towards “Digital Nepal”. If you are out of Nepal then we also outsource SEO Service

Why SEO in Nepal?

Whether you have an idea or not, people are always looking for your products & services online. More than 3 billion searches are conducted each day on search engines today. And 90% of searchers don’t prefer to look into the second page or so to find their desired result.

This means that if you are not on the first page of search results against the keywords that match your business or brand, chances are high that you are probably loosing most of your qualified sales.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website in such a way that your business/brand appears on the top position of search results whenever a user searches some keywords related to your business or services. And, in a world where more than 90% of online experiences start with a search engine, showing up on the first page of Google can be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and one that’s, well, bankrupt.

Search engine optimization is no longer an option for businesses now. It has become an integral part of Digital marketing and can contribute to business growth in the long run.

Work with Digital Terai to refine your Website’s architecture & Keywords, Drive Traffic to your business and attract more Relevant Clients to the products and services you offer.

SEO Strategy

Audience & Keyword Research Icon
Audience & Keyword Research
Our SEO strategy begins with the Audience & Keyword research. We conduct research on uncovering your potential audience & keywords that they use to find your products or services on the web.
We use a variety of SEO tools to achieve this.
Competitor’s Analysis Icon
Competitor’s Analysis
Once we uncover relevant & targeted keywords for your business, it is now time to perform solid competitors’ research where we analyse your direct business competitors and what strategies are working for them. This gives us an idea for further strategy.
On-Page SEO Icon
On-Page SEO
Based on our Keywords research and competitors’ analysis, we now optimize various aspects of on page SEO like Meta setup, optimized contents, URL structure, website architecture & accessibility, analytics & webmaster setups, technical SEO & all.
Link Building Strategy Icon
Link Building Strategy
Link building is one of the main strategies of any SEO campaign and we take extra care of relevancy & authority while building backlinks for your website. We implement the best White Hat link building strategy for our clients making sure the inbound links are of high quality.

What sets Digital Terai’s SEO Services apart
from the rest?

Expert SEO professionals

At Digital Terai, we have a team of expert SEO professionals who have years of experience optimizing websites & building brand. Our SEO professionals have managed multiple websites from scratch as well as for those who came to us after heavy traffic drop or Google penalty. Since we have been in the business for more than half a decade, we are familiar with ever-changing search engines’ algorithms & guidelines and we prefer the best White Hat strategy in the industry ensuring your long terms business goals.

Customer Focused

Our experts at Digital terai believes that no one understands your business better than you. We also understand that since you are busy running your business, you are looking for experts who can help you achieve your SEO goals—whether that is website optimization, driving traffic, generating leads, promoting your brand or a specific marketing goal.


What sets us apart from other SEO companies is our work dedication & transparent ethics. We make sure that you are informed about everything that’s happening, from strategy to implementation to reporting.

Dedicated Account Manager

Digital Terai has a team of in-house dedicated Account Managers who keep in constant touch with you and are available 24/7. Our communication methodology and the results we produce are what have led to a 95% retention rate and have made Digital Terai one of the fastest growing SEO company in Nepal.

Digital Terai currently offers two types of training for SEO Training and Digital Marketing Training

Our SEO Process



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Does my business need SEO?

If you want people to find your business whenever they search for anything related to your products or services on the web, then you will have to implement SEO strategies on your website. There's no point in having a website if your site does not rank on the first page of the search engine as nobody goes through the second page while searching for anything.

How much does SEO cost?

The size & location of your business and the extent of your service requirements will determine the actual cost of SEO. However, professional service industries will charge you a bit higher than the inexperienced and unproven firm. You often tend to get what you paid for when it comes to SEO, so be careful while choosing the SEO services.

How can I rank my local business on Google?

Local ranking results mainly depend upon the relevance, distance, and prominence. You must add complete and detailed business information in Google my Business, verify your locations, mention accurate opening hours, manage and respond to Google reviews, add relevant and appealing pictures for a better local ranking on Google.

How much time does it take to rank my website?

Well, it depends. A website with quality links tends to rank higher and faster than a site with no links. If you keep on building high-quality links and consistently implement a powerful set of SEO strategies, your site will probably rank in 2-6 months.

Which is the best SEO company in Nepal?

As a leading SEO company in Nepal, Digital Terai is committed to delivering brand-specific, audience targeted and conversion oriented SEO services to our clients to meet goals.

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