Free Digital Marketing Consulting

Free Digital Marketing Consulting

In today's internet-obsessed world, people are spending more time online than ever before. All the digital-savvy customers turn into the internet for everything, from entertainment to shopping or social sharing. The previous approaches like traditional marketing and advertising now are not enough, you need the right skills and approaches to keep your business relevant and competitive in this digital age. That's why digital marketing has become such a popular option for many businesses to connect with their audience online. More businesses are now investing their time searching for an effective digital marketing consultant who can help them bridge the gap between their business and the online world in the right way. Because most business owners do not know how to effectively deal with their digital marketing needs themselves.

To ease the struggle of a client to understand and create legit digital marketing strategies, Digital Terai is offering free Digital Marketing consultation each week to businesses of all kinds, from small business, startups to huge corporations. We invite all businesses from start-up to established one to have a small digital marketing consulting session to discuss the business needs and uncover business opportunities.

Our Consulting Process:

Understanding your requirement
Understanding your requirement
Firstly, we will discuss the current status and your short term as well as long term goals then identify your strengths and weaknesses in marketing strategies. According to business requirements, we will provide a possible solution to help you grow your business.
Website Audit icon
Website Audit
In the website audit, we analyze the general health score of your website, SEO factors that could be affecting your website's visibility in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages), detailed information about site traffic and leads. Perform research on how your site is performing in Search Engines.
Social Media Audit Icon
Social Media Audit
Here, in social media audit, we will help you analyze your business's profile, competitors and your strategies. Then, help you evaluate your brand's specific audiences and match them with social media channels to find the biggest opportunities and growth.
Brand Audit Icon
Brand Audit
We will find out whether your business is staying consistent with brand position & attitude or not. Also, analyze in-depth to understand your customer’s perspectives towards your brand, service, quality, expectations. Help you to develop a brand strategy that is right for your business.
Building Strategy Icon
Building Strategy
Using the company’s existing business model and considering what market potential there is, we help you create a marketing strategy that works successfully for your brand allowing them to achieve their goals.
Proposal Icon
If you are willing to choose us as your digital marketing partner, we’ll provide you with a clear proposal and strategy to work towards achieving the online success you want for your business.
What can you achieve from this one-hour Consulting Session?

Meet with the Expert

Meet one-on-one with the marketing expert to discuss your business needs and goals.

Internet Marketing Knowledge

With this business growth consultation, you will understand your business insights and the internet options available for the market, find out what your competitors are doing and what strategies they are adapting, that will eventually help you uncover the opportunities.

Action plan

Understand where you are positioned in the market, the specific problems and issues your business is having online and based on that you will get a set of realistic and professional recommendations organized in an action plan to drive your business growth.

Informed Choices

With the support of an Internet marketing expert and based on marketing intelligence, you will find an option of informed choices.

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