Digital Marketing Tips for Travel and Tourism Industry

Digital Marketing strategy process in Nepal
Digital Marketing Tips for Travel and Tourism Industry
by DigitalTerai | August 11, 2020 | Blog |

Digital Marketing  has played a significant role in the growth of the Travel and Tourism industry in Nepal. It has provided an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurial tourism business to connect with their ideal customer on a personalized level, intensify their wanderlust, and provide authentic and finest travel experience.

You can also do the same for your customers too if you are ready to embrace the evolving marketing trends and technologies.

Here's how you can get started:

Tell your stories

Storytelling is a creative way of expressing what your brand stands for. You can deeply influence people and create a powerful persona with the art of storytelling. Share your story; tell your customers why you are doing what you are doing. Connect with people and create a profound impact with the right stories. The more creative you become, the more people will gravitate towards your business.

Utilize the power of social media

When you share lots of ravishing pictures and videos of people traveling, natural beauty, delicious cuisine, rich cultures, and thrilling adventures on your social media channels, more and more people will be inspired towards traveling.  And that's the power of social media marketing . Moreover, you can run ad campaigns to reach more people, offer exciting prices and discounts, and create urgency and scarcities to generate clients for your business.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews and recommendations are the most genuine way to receive validation from your customers. Always ask your customers to review your services. You may not always receive good reviews, instead of ignoring bad reviews, try to be courteous with your replies and address them every issue carefully and take prompt action to solve them. This will create a positive impact on your soon to be customers making them believe you care for your clients. Moreover reviews can also be useful for your website SEO .


Powerful Call to Action

You must imply a powerful call to action buttons to make people click on your ads. For example, you can provide free downloadable Ebooks filled with the sheer amount of information to attract your customers. Ebooks are a perfect instrument to establish your company as an authority figure and source of knowledge in your niche.

Rank your Site

No matter how well-established you are, if people can't find you while making holiday plans, then all your brand reputation will go in vain. Therefore proper investment in search engine optimization  is very much important to make your business visible among your potential customers.

Make your site mobile-friendly

You will have to make your site mobile-friendly. As consumers mostly rely on their mobiles to research and book their holidays. A mobile-friendly site will enable your customers to complete a smooth consumer journey. The booking process will become more simple, smooth, and user-friendly when you invest in the well-functional site.


Boost your authority with informational blogs and videos

As a Tourism business, delivering just a quality service is not enough, you need to help your customers feel knowledgeable and prepare them for the worst-case scenario with useful tips and insights through blogs, videos, infographics, etc. These kinds of content will help DIY travelers to create their itinerary on their own and will ultimately build your brand reputation as trustworthy, engaging, and helpful.      

Invest in intriguing visuals

According to the report, 3 out of 5 travelers decide to travel to that particular place after watching spectacular online videos  and pictures of that very place. The stated fact clearly shows the importance of having magnificent pictures and videos on your site, channels or page to allure people towards traveling. Keep sharing the latest high-quality pictures on your marketing channels to grasp your consumer's attention.

Blogs related to traveling experiences

Blogging is an important aspect of Hotel SEO . Employing natural and colorful content in social media is the perfect way of portraying the true essence of traveling. However, sharing incredible traveling experiences on blogging platforms will also help in generating a good amount of traffic on your site. When you provide a valuable piece of information regarding a particular place, it will generate positive references and allure people towards traveling.

Curation of Engaging Content

86% of people said they have become more interested in traveling to specific places after watching user-generated content. They said they were highly influenced by the pictures of other travelers. So why don't you embrace the world of social sharing as well? Instead of relying on stock images and boring old photos, use photos and videos shared by your customers. It will build an all-important authentic feeling for skeptical consumers and will also help them feel connected with your business somehow.

Create and Market experiences

Traveling is such an amazing experience. It deeply enriches your heart and souls and while marketing for Travel Company you can remind people about the true essence of traveling with powerful images,  virtual tours, 360-degree videos, etc. To make people feel and see, you can utilize the latest technologies to capture stunning sceneries and captivate their entire attention.For instance, you can check out these awesome video clips to understand how travel companies can allure people towards travelling.


Use Influencer Marketing

Influencers  can play a major role in establishing trends in the tourism market, their recommendations and posts in various social media and blogs will help you expand your reach, improve visibility, loyalty and amplify your sales. Working with influencers will help you get connected with their audience base and gain their trust by associating your brand with their image.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing  works as the best tool when you want to share helpful information adding details of promotions, and suggest perfect holiday destinations to your potential customers.  Once you collect a database of registered customers, you can share recommendations and information of interest to provide commercial treats to your clients. Furthermore, you should always work on improving your promotions strategies to increase loyalty and online presence.


Create simple travel apps for visibility and positioning

Designing a simple application to display lists of accommodations, maps, information related to your establishment, travel tips, and book your service will benefit the travelers and will help in brand positioning. People will start considering your brand as very high maintenance and of high quality when they see your app in the play store.

In conclusion

If you really want to grow your tourism business, then you must make optimal utilization of all these opportunities. Your marketing strategies must evolve with changing travel and technology trends and you must always consider your customer's persona while executing any sorts of marketing campaigns. Now go ahead, connect with your customers on a personalized level, provide them with the best traveling experience, and inspire everyone out there to travel with you.

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