Facebook Lead Generation Ads

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Facebook Lead Generation Ads
by DigitalTerai | July 10, 2020 | Blog |

Introduction to Lead Generation Ads

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Lead Generation ad is the kind of ad implemented to collect information about your prospective customers in exchange for something valuable. Using lead ads, you can collect your customer's email address, full name, contact details, and other personal data. However, it's not that easy to make people fill out their personal information. That's why you must offer something of greater value to increase your form fill-ups.

You can use this user-friendly and mobile-friendly ad for various purposes; to better understand your target audience, drive sales, collect subscribers for email sign-ups, and entice people with exciting offers and deals. The beauty of this ad is you can sync the collected lead with your company's CRM system and make an effective follow-up.


How does Facebook lead Ads work?

Here's how it works.

Step 1:
 You will run ads offering something exciting in an exchange of specific personal information.

Step 2:
 If people like what you are offering, they will click through your ads which will take them to the prefilled form section. It contains personal information extracted from their Facebook profile which can be edited as per their wish. After reviewing the information, they can click the Submit button.


Benefits of Lead Ads

  • Easy to set up; does not involve any complex process.
  • Provides an opportunity to submit the information without any hassle as pre-filled form instantly appears on customer's screen as soon as they click on the ads
  • Increases your conversion ratio; only interested people click through your ads and fill up their details which makes it easier for you to nurture them towards conversion.
  • Customizable forms will help you get a better insight into your target audience.
  • Encourages people to download your content, sign-up for webinars, newsletter, and raise brand awareness.


How to create lead generation ads?              

Follow these simple steps to set your very own lead generation ads:

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Click on Create button in the top left corner of Ad Manager
  • Select Lead Generation as your objective and continue with your regular ad creation process like choosing your target audience, budget, placement, schedule, ad formats, etc.
  • Now at  the ad level, you will find the Lead Form section.
  • Click Create New Form to generate a customized lead generation form                  
  • Name your form in the text box and click next               
  • Here, you can select the amount of information you want to gather from your customers
  • You can further add questions to grasp people with higher purchase intent. After completing a set of questions, you can click next.
  • Place a link of your privacy policy and click Next.            
  • Then, enter your website address so that customers will have the option to go through your site once they complete the form submission process. Again click next.
  • Don't forget to review your form before actually clicking the Create Form button.
  • In the end, you will find a Thank you screen where you can include a CTA button or download link.
  • Click the Finish button from the top-right corner and check everything from top to bottom to avoid typos and errors and click Confirm.
  • After creating an ad, you will have access over your leads through manual download or CSV export from your Facebook page. You can also collect leads using Facebook Instant Experience forms.


You can use Facebook Lead Ads for the following purpose:

Before thinking of running Lead Generation Ads, you should have a clear vision of your ad objectives. What do you want to achieve through your ad?

1) Learn More about your Customers

Ask them questions to learn more about their preferences and the actual requirements. You can use this valuable information to improvise your products and services. Furthermore, it will help you curate relevant content for your target audience.

2) Attract people towards your business

You can allure people towards your business with enticing offers and special deals. Facebook lead ad will enable you to build a perfect sales funnel to guide your prospects through the buyer's journey.

3) Collect Newsletter sign-ups

Lead Ads will help you collect subscribers for your newsletters. You can stay in touch with your potential customers by implementing effective email marketing strategies. Increase the size of your customer database for remarketing purposes leveraging Facebook Lead Ads.


How to create Facebook lead ads that drive maximum conversion?

1) Entice people with exciting offers and deals

You can captivate the people's interest by offering something exciting. Customers will feel more comfortable sharing their personal information with you if you provide something valuable in return. You can provide free product samples; offer specific discounts, free trials, E-books or whitepapers, or anything to make people submit their personal details.

2) Be specific on the kind of information you want to collect

Lead ads are the most amazing way to collect vital information from your target audience, but you must design your question set in a way that doesn't deter your potential leads. The questions should be simple and not be time-consuming. Decide what kind of information you are trying to extract from your customers before running ads.

3) Use appealing content and format

You must use high-quality /images and video clips incorporated with sharp copy and powerful CTA buttons to run successful ad campaigns. It plays a significant role while capturing the attention of your users. Split test your ad copies, target audience, other ad elements  to achieve better results.

4) Customize your Form

Facebook provides a large set of default questions that you can use in your form, make sure to include only those questions which serve your true purpose. Customize your questions in a way that fulfills your business goals. You are allowed to add up to 15 questions in your form, but it's better to add the least amount of questions in your form.

5) Use Right Targeting

No matter how well you have designed your ad if your targeting is wrong, your ads will fail. So, it's very important to target the right kind of people – people who actually want your products or services. Do some deep research on your audience, their consumption pattern, web behavior, age, preferences, etc. Then only you will be able to target better. You can create a custom audience and lookalike audience from Facebook to reach the right people through lead ads.

6) Customize your thank you page

A compelling thank you page will encourage people to stick around and explore your business once they are done with a lead form. Add interesting headlines to raise brand awareness and don't forget to place the call-to-action button and drive engagement. The CTA button such as view website, call business, download offer can be used to convert your lead into potential customers.

7) Regular Follow-up

Once you collect your leads, make quick follow-ups to improve the chances of conversion. According to the reports, businesses that contact their customers within an hour are more likely to receive positive responses from their customers; retain qualified leads.


Final Thoughts

The main objective of Lead Generation ads is to gain high-quality leads and convert them into potential clients. But running ads only won't do the trick. You will have to nurture your collected leads. Make a regular follow-up; build a strong connection then only you will be able to close the deal successfully.